Wye River & Coast

The paintings reflect the exhilaration felt as one pilots an Italian sports car around the sensuous Great Ocean Road. The landscape appears as a scrolling set of postcards, each more beautiful and romantic than the previous one. Stop the vehicle and stroll inland such a short distance and take in the view back to that enormously powerful ocean. It’s just gobsmacking.

It’s been a couple of decades since the production of the Grasslands, Farmlands and Toolern Vale series but the techniques used back then are coming to the fore again and proving to be the strength of the current works. The most powerful factor I guess is the “seagull perspective” which will result in the viewer being able to confirm that I do not fly. These are constructed images, but how great is it to be transported to these unfamiliar vantage points.

  • Date : 2012

Copyright Allan Wolf-Tasker